X-Mas Eve: what a time to be sitting alone at a computer screen

Merry Christmas Eve, ya yuletide kooks! I hope all is still well with both of my readers. The cutoff time for my dsl line supposedly ends 2 days from now. I’ve made my order to receive new phone and dsl services online, so hopefully my disconnection to cyberspace will be a short hiatus. Life is very difficult for me right now, as i’ve had to sink every last dollar of dough i’ve made thus far (read: just got my first already spent paycheck yesterday) into bills. After all is said and done, and everything is paid for, I think i’ll still be in a deficit for a while. Fuck. There goes eating, I guess…(I keed). But, at least my lovely children (doggies) are well cared for, and they keep me going.

The holiday season is a trip! Year after year, we Americans nearly soil ourselves anticipating this collectively grandiose year-ending celebration of excess and gross materialism. Shit, some of us even attribute relevant meaning from religious icons we worship! Mostly fabricated by big business, X-mas remains a phenomena, in that it never fails to lull us, the American body public, into a mass euphoria derived from the media’s overuse of mass marketing this time of year. Said marketing tends to enforce sappy, family-orientated kitch covertly engineered to pull at heartstrings and induce friendly feelings towards family members that you never speak to throughout the other 95% of the year. Tie in the seemingly subliminal product placement, aggressive manipulation of facts projecting gross consumption as something everyone is doing, and you’ve got X-mas in a nutshell. As much as I am ambivalent to admit as such, I too have been duped time and time again like a drooling moron.

But, i’m not going to get all militant scrooge on you. Allow me to pull whats left of my holiday good cheer out of the storage room. It’s X-mas eve, you know. I am lonely since my breakup, but my family and friends have been in constant contact, and great in boosting my spirits. Kudos to everyone in my little circle-you know who you are, and you know I love ya. I’m going to chill out here tonight with members of my wonderful canine family, crack open a bottle of vino, pop some chemically altered microwave popcorn, and watch “A Christmas Story” for the 9 millionth time on my big screen (”you’ll shoot your eye out!”). It just doesn’t get any better than this, folks. Merry X-mas, everyone. Thanks for reading!