The Apocalypse is Nigh – The Red Sox WIN the World Series!!!

Holy effign SHIT!! For some reason, I just KNEW you would do it (not like I didn’t WILL it, or anything)!! Thus ends an 86-year long series losing streak for Boston, forever shattering all “Curse of the Bambino” beliefs in my lifetime. Wow. And they made it look EASY. It seemed the Cards completely ran out of gas after the NLCS series, and proved it on the field. BoSox swept the series 4-0, not even letting St. Louis have ANY kind of a lead whatsoever throughout the series. Kinda sad and anticlimactic ending, but the contrast of play between both ballclubs was quite evident. Boston, after being down 0-3 in the ALCS, turn on a powerful, momentum-switching switch, and steamroll on to win a consecutive 8 GAMES, easily clinching the series. God DAMN impressive, fellas. Enjoy this victory. You deserve it. You just shook the foundations of baseball, simultaneously making history all in one postseason. My hat is off to the Boston Red Sox – your 2004 World Series Champions!