Sorry for the Hiatus, or, Welcome to My Nightmare

Forgive the delay in updating, but much shit has happened as of late, which has subsequently prevented me from doing anything website related. First off, me and Lynda have split up.

Now, i’m not going to be petty, get into semantics, or point out who is at fault. I think our feelings are pretty mutual, and that the time to simply depart this relationship had come, and that we needed to put this chapter of our lives behind us. I believe we still love each other very much, but the torch that signified our romance has burned out. She has subsequently taken up residence elsewhere (read: moved out), and I wish her nothing best of luck. I won’t bother sugar coating it – these past few weeks have been a rather shitty and depressing state of affairs. My little family that once was, is now broken. I’ve nothing left but tiny shreds in which to piece something together. It sucks ass, but I’ve just got to get it together and move on. I, for one, cannot wait to see what this sudden change of life has in store for me.

So now, i’m officially single again, just before the holiday season. Nice, eh? Nothing like a little depression and fear for my future, coupled with anxiety afflicted by a new found loneliness to fuel holiday cheer. Happy fuckin’ Holidaze, baby! At least I get to spend quality time with my babies (dogs) and dote on them over X-mas and New Years. One of my beloved pups will end up living with the now “ex” girlfriend after the new year, so I have a few weeks until I become a complete friggin’ basket case over it. I beg for strength.

Okay, i’m done with the self-deprecating downer bullshit. If you’ve bothered to read this far, congratulations. You are even more of a pathetic bastard than I, which subsequently, just made me feel a lot better about myself, thanks! Anywho, I just wanted to give my faithful readers (both of you) an update as to my absence around here lately. Now you know, freaks, so shaddap about it, or I will be forced to kill you where you stand, heathen.

Believe it or not, aside from my life taking a crash-and-burn detour, some good shit has happened to me as well. First, I found a steady gig making decent money, so having to seriously consider the exciting occupation of ‘hobo’ is no longer necessary. Its a very laid-back job with a small lighting management firm. The operation is similar in size to New Century, but the drama is almost non-existent, and the folks I work with are much more fun to be around. I’ve taken over the house (another good thing), and once the piles from our separation have eroded, this place might truly be a nice livable sanctuary once again.

On to other things: things are sorta ‘too quiet’ on the homeland front, as the only activity currently seen from this gov’t. administration is resignation. Yes, nine cabinet members have been replaced as of so far. Among others, victims of the fallout consisted of Colin ‘we insist the source was accurate’ Powell and Johnny ‘homeland security or death’ Ashcroft. Maybe we’ll see another six months or so of nothing to write home about from this staff, until the next earth-shattering media significant event happens (another 9/11? – adorn tinfoil hat now.) which will help instill our beliefs that God only blesses the red, white, and blue, and that we will fucking kick ass no matter what, so don’t even try screwing with us. Oh, and buy American-made, and all that…

Oh, and a shout out to my brother Matt, who’s band, Sator Square has just finished an album. Here’s to hoping they get a signed contract quickly so that I can be their roadie and quit updating this stupid website, and bang hot chicks. Yep, I said it, i’m a single guy now, I said bang hot chicks. It’s like the 1st rule of the rockstar handbook. A side job to the musician, if you will. They must bang hot chicks, or dudes, depending on your style, but they must be hot…and easy. You’re all thinking the same bullshit, don’ lie! On that crude barrage of profanities, i’m outta tha hizzy like the chronic makes Snoop dizzy.

Peace out, yo.