Some kind of NFL Oracles and Going On Location

I just have to devote this space to my Yahoo Fantasy Sports ‘Pro Pickem’ pool I play in each week. Usually, all involved are pretty dismal at picking, since we all are busy doing ‘other things’. However, this week’s pickings are more than an anomaly, proof positive than indeed, the sun does shine on a dog’s ass every now and again. It’s a celebration if one of us happens to MAKE, let alone top 10 correct picks in a week out of a possible 12, 14, or 16. But for EVERY person involved to do eclipse this is quite cool. EVERY person in the pool ended up with either a 12 or 13 out of possible 16 for the week. Go, us! Nice job, fellas.

Hey! you can also start a league yourself.

I’ll be off to Arizona tomorrow to spend Thanksgiving with the family. Yep, driving for a splendid 10 fricken hours. Updates might somehow be affected in my absense, we’ll see how it goes. Perhaps I will update on location from my parents home just in case I get a wild hair to write about it. I wouldn’t hold your breath. No, really.