My aspiratons for Halloween festivity come to fruition

My Halloween wish to witness a fun, new experience was fulfilled this year on Hollow’s Eve. I was invited to a friend’s Halloween party tonight, and I must say, it was EXACTLY what I was looking for. I got invited a good friend’s brother’s party; he, his wife and friends worked very hard to put on THE galla Halloween shindig at his home in Morgan Hill. I later found that they spent 3 long, hard weekends, working through the night, to set up the event, which was truly a bash to be reckoned with, so the effort was not in vain (great JOB Dan and Rebecca!). I had an idea that me and Lynda would go as South Park’s “Terrence & Philip”, but we were unable to find shirts with satisfactory colors at an affordable price to pull it off. I was bummed, but it couldn’t be helped, unfortunately. Wandering the aisles of my local Target (tar-zhea), I found a suitable backup. I stumbled upon a unique ’sunglass-wearing scary goth freak with a skull for a head’ costume, marked 30% off. Perfection.

The rubberized skull mask came with cheap sunglasses, which I removed, replacing them with perscription shades, close to the size of the glasses originally fastened to it. The black “goth” blouse was the perfect addition to my costume, adding an element of ‘chic’ to an otherwise gruesome-looking rubber mask. Said blouse was adorned with crosses at the sleeves and mid-section, as I assumed “goths” might wear from time to time, if constrained to a budget of $20. The addition of the sunglass-donning rubber skull mask was a touch that just seemed to tie it all together. Lynda went with her standby from last year, a baby costume complete with diaper, bib, and oversized safety pins, to complete a motley contrast of innocence vs. evil.

I tried on my new costume, and when completely disguised, stepped into the living room. You would have thought my dogs were looking into to eyes of the apocalypse. They both went rigid, popped up from their lying positions under our coffee table, and let out a caccophony of yips, barks, and growls in my general direction. They were in a defensive position, and would only get so close to me before making a hasty retreat. Not wanting to startle my mutts any further, I ripped off my mask, instantly quieting them down, albeit leaving them rather confused as to where the ’scary skull man’ had suddenly vanished off to. This was going to be fun.

We arrived a fashionable 45 minutes after the party began. Fortunately, upon entering the property we were greeted by friends, who pointed us to the entrance, a “haunted” maze. Shrouded in black, this maze came complete with spider webs, dummies, made to look like corpses complete with bloody severed limbs, and motion-sensor-controlled electronic gizmos placed in strategic locations guaranteed to startle passers-by. It was great! Lynda, dreadfully opposed to horror movies and generally anything considered ’spooky’, did not share my optomism. So, I played the role of valiant protector, going in first, letting her stand behind me as I tripped the spook devices and let the way through the dark maze leading into the party.

I found out quickly that my costume’s mask was burdensome, so I didn’t keep it on too long. Little did I know my costume would quickly evolve into something else entirely in doing so. The gothic-looking costume blouse I was wearing, coupled with my prescription sunglasses (so I could SEE) got me recognised as “Neo” from The Matrix on more than one occasion. Looking into a dirty prop mirror, I found that I DID sort of resemble this Reeves-played character. Hmm. At least I could eat and drink freely now, without having to lift a mask off of my face every five minutes. If I had to be Neo to do it, so be it. I was having a good time either way

It turned out to be a great time had by all, with beer on tap, incredibly strong everclear jello shots, GREAT food, and fun conversation. I met some cool new people, and hung out with old friends I don’t see often enough. As the bash winded to it’s conclusion, many were quite inebriated (including yours truly), so I know at least one part of tonight’s experience was successful. Thanks again to Dan and Rebecca for putting such elaborate effort into presenting such a memorable get together. Maybe i’ll even try to recruit you in helping me with future party endeavors!

Now, I can face the youngsters tomorrow, masquerading as everything under the sun (err, moon), handing out large handfuls of sugary goodness with a fresh smile on my face, if albeit suffering from mild hangover. Have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN tomorrow, and stay safe. Oh, and my place next year, I promise.