Kill Bill & a wet Sunday

Its an easy Sunday. We got up pretty late today due to watching “Kill Bill Vols. 1 & 2″ on our big screen last night while it rained (oh yeah, it rained after I finished washing the car – fuck it, I can’t win).

The film (or I should say, films) are not Tarantino’s best work to me, but it’s kickass nonetheless. See, I took sort of a ’stance on principle’ when these movies came out, vowing to ONLY see them when they hit the DVD market. Don’t get me wrong, Tarantino STILL IS one of my favorite directors (I own all of his movies), but I couldn’t palette that he would release this movie in 2 parts! I mean, come on, Quentin. I could literally smell the marketing prospectus when the trailer for part one came out. You made this 4+ hour movie, but after the success of recent “trilogies” (each movie averages 3 hrs), you probably figured you would try and capitalise on the sequel formula. That way, you budget and make one movie, and have the possibility of raking in twice the profit by releasing it in 2 halves, ergo vols. one & two, instead of editing the film down to say, one 3, 3 1/2 hour flick. Makes smart business sense, but I for one wasn’t contributing to that mess, good director or not.

I saw both parts. Editing all of that down to 3 hrs. wouldn’t be inconceivable. Part one was completely non-stop and action packed, whilst part two dragged on for eternity in parts. Part two had many flashback segments, previously unexplained in part one, taking up to 15 mins. long to materialize! I think most of these sequences could have easily been summed up in two. Taken as one movie, “Kill Bill” might have done as well or better overall than “Pulp Fiction” in terms of industry accolades and critical success. However, while releasing it in two parts may have been a more lucrative opportunity in terms of monetary gain, I think the overall story has suffered in transit.

Of course, this is strictly my opinion, and Mr. Tarantino has every right to consider me a moron who knows jack shit. ‘Tis the beauty of a weblog (so suck it, Quentin! – I keed, I keed…).

Anyway, back to today. We kicked back around the house until the afternoon. Rain threatened, with skies looking gloomy and air smelling of moisture all day today. We decided to take the dogs up to Lighthouse Beach in Santa Cruz anyway. Of course, when we got going, the drops came down. It was showering all the way up into the mountains with thick patches of fog in places. Once we got into the city limits however, the showers lifted to a light drizzle. When we got to the beach, it was all but gone. I think the rain must have scared off most of the usual dog owners, as there were just a small handful of dogs for mine to interact with.

We had a blast, as usual, even though the drizzle was there. Lighthouse is one of the ever decreasing number of off-leash beaches for dogs in the Bay Area. It has strange hours too. In the mornings, the beach is open sunup to 10:00 AM, and evenings: 4:00 PM to sundown. We have been going there shortly after 4:00. Its a great place, with about a half mile of usable beach for the dogs to play in. There are cliffs at either side, so theres no worry of dogs wandering off from your line of sight. If you live in this area, its a must-do for you and your canine companion. For more information on Lighthouse Beach, with maps, go here.

I brought Saya’s favorite toy, his kong, to play fetch with him until he (hopefully) dropped from exhaustion. Hes a to-smart-for-his-own-good Doberman/Jack Russel mix, a hell of a trickster, and LOOOOVES to fetch stuff. That kong is like crack to him. He can play this game endlessly. He relishes that toy. His priorites, if you could create a list for a dog, are: 1. Eat, 2. Kong, 3. Shit, 4. Sleep. Anyway, that kong is now gone, yet another victim to Mother Pacific after only about 10 minutes of full play. May that overly-expensive toy R.I.P. You see, he and I have a routine. He sits, yet so nervously twitching and anticipating the next throw, and I make him wait with the “stay” command. And he will sit there, forever, his canine mind reduced to only me and the rotund, black object I have in my hand. A cruise missle could detonate 3/4 of a mile away with blinding concussion, scattering charring bodies and debris up to a few feet away us, and he would sit there motionless, concentrating, waiting for me to go ahead and throw the damn thing, already. Sometimes, I will wait an excruciating amount of time before I make the next throw, and he’s always ready. Almost too ready. So ready, he tends to jump the gun sometimes. Yes, sometimes I will “fake it”, and just the movement of the kong in my hand is enough to send him sprawling full speed in god-knows-what direction until he finally stops, about 100 yds away from me, before realising I still have his prize in my hand.

Well, to make an already long story shorter, he jumped the gun. I “faked it”, then I really threw it. Unfortunately, he was already on the move before I even had a chance to release the object of my doggie’s desire. I threw one way (towards the surf), and he was gone, bounding down the length of the beach. As I saw the helpless black object float into the tragic pounding of the rising tide, I meagerly tried to point at it, telling my dog, “there it is boy! gogeddit! seeit?”, and he just hopped around me, staring into my eyes like I was a pitiful, two-headed freak, seemingly saying, “What did you do with my precious, LOSER???”. *sigh.*

At least we found an old tennis ball in the sand to sub in. “Fetch” exercises both dogs. Krystal, my gorgeous pit-mix, is more the explorer mutt. She loves to sniff around and bark at the unknown (she loves to bark at things and objects for no reason – I can’t explain), and is not really keen of bringing stuff I throw back. She has such an attachment to the alpha (me), that she’s not comfortable veering any more than say, 100 ft. away from me. Unless, of course, her brother shows her something REALLY cool, then and all of the sudden, i’m alone, looking VERY uncomfortable. Anyway, shes loves her brother, and particularly likes to play with her brother, especially when he’s into his whole “fetch” thing. She waits until he retieves, and then slyly pounces on him when he brings it back. It works out great. They both get exercise, and I get 2 dogs ready to crash out when we get home.

So, we played for about an hour, and then the rain came again. We hightailed it, and went home, ate dinner, and watched “Monster” on the big screen. It stars (my pick for “Hottie Actress”) an unrecognizable Charlize Theron as a serial killer. Its a good flick (won academy award), I recommend it.

Thats it for today. Hola.

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