Halloween Sux! or, why i’m not a good ‘trick or treater’

The end of this month is rapidly approaching, and for the past few years, i’ve been really clueless about it. Perhaps this year, it’s due to October baseball, focusing on the upcoming Presidential Election, or something else equally as distracting, but this was NOT usually par for the course for me, as I used to LOVE this holiday; hey, it’s the only day people dress up like ghouls, ghosts, witches, and generally everything under the sun (or FULL MOON, in this case) in celebration! However regretful it seems, time constraints, and the flow of daily life have really hindered me from putting any sort of concentration into this holiday since about 2001. Sucks, I know. Heck, there used to be a time not too many years ago, when me and my friends were notorious for our yearly Halloween bashes, known as “Love Fests”. Damn, how far we fall (or, how boring we become)…

Sadly, age, time, and priorities have changed all this, and frankly, i’m sorta pissed off about it. Maybe tomorrow, i’ll go costume-hunting (even though i’ve got less than a week to find something decent to wear). Perhaps i’ll seek out and hook up with old friends in ‘The City’, to see what kind of shindig they’re attending this year (S.F. residents are always “hipper” than us South Bay suburbanites), and see if I can crash. Either way, I don’t wanna be stuck at home, AGAIN, handing out candy in between glasses of wine. So, i’ll be on a crusade first thing tomorrow (in between job hunting) to do something DIFFERENT to celebrate Halloween this year. It may be crap, or it may be a grade-A kickass time (hoping for latter), but it will be DIFFERENT, dammit….err, unless I forget, or something….*weeping*

Sorry to wind this up on a ‘downer’ note – this will be a short one tonight, as I haven’t had too much to say in addition to what’s been already said. The BoSox won AGAIN tonight – woohoo! One more, and this whole “Curse” issue is dead with a bullet. GO BOSTON, but remember: now that I’VE put an emotional attachment into your winning the Series purely based upon your team’s incredible show of heart and performance, winning 7 STRAIGHT series games consecutively against dire early odds, do not, I say again, NOT, let me down. Because, if you screw this up and break my heart, consider yourselves banninated from my good graces forever. If the BoSox manage to blow this, you’ll have not one, but TWO “Curses” to trifle with. Bambino’s and MINE. I will curse and ridicule you with vitrol until my last dying breath if you lose this series!! So KICK ASS!! Oh, and on that note….

Good Luck!!