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Every Hetero Man’s Wet Dream: The Music Video

In my vast journeys through the int@rwebs, I stumbled across the bonerific music video from dance DJ and producer Eric Prydz called “Call On Me”. If you’re a straight male, especially a gen-Xer male who grew up in the 80s, this will definately give erotic new meaning to “Buns of Steel”. This vid takes place in a staged aerobics class, or “Jazzercise” (I personally call it ’strippers-in-training class’) and is portrayed a la 80s fashion, with the leg warmers, thong unitards, sweat bands, and absolutely fucking dynamite female specimens exercizing to this infectious, guaranteed soon-to-be dance music anthem. Yeah. Heres a spoiler: theres ONE guy in this class of ALL gorgeous women, and the instructor is giving him the “sex-eye” the whole time while bumping and grinding to the beat. (straight) GUYS WILL LOVE THIS VIDEO. I swear, it’s the shit we all dream about. Females, well, maybe not so much (sorry). But, I digress…

This mix is a looped sample from the 80s hit “Valerie” by Steve Winwood, with an upbeat bassline (of course, the stunning ladies in the vid won’t give you any reasons to DISLIKE the track). Normally I wouldn’t admit it, but I actually kind of LIKED Winwood’s original hit – but if you tell anyone, i’ll have to disavow your existence. Anyway, Winwood lent his vocals to re-record this dance beat for Eric, and it’s the currently Dance Music Track of the year. A personal note: the blonde instructor is probably THE hottest, most fetching blonde i’ve ever laid eyes upon. And that’s a TALL muthafacking order, as i’m usually not smitten on blondes. Its seductive and provacative, and you should get a kick out of it. Check it out here.

Oh, and if you liked that, there’s so much more videos of similar content at Ministry of Sound (warning: adult content & nudity). You’re welcome, bitches.