Bush is here, and my baby’s gone, gone gone

Okay, actually my last entry was NOT all I have to say about the election results(yeah, big surprise). Now that i’ve overcome the initial walking around, maw gaped open in unbelieving shock, I say: America, what the FUCK is wrong with you? Hasn’t there been a huge outcry of frustration and disappointment up until the point of election? Don’t we see that this administration has done us wrong? Loward have mersay! It seems we won’t be satisfied until this country has reverted it’s system of ideals back to something resembling of that 50 years ago. Sometimes, I love to hate even my own country…

Four more years, four more wars. We’re fucked.

So, Lynda is off to Joisey today to visit with family and help out with an upcoming wedding for her eldest brother. Yeah, baby – 7 days of me all by my lonesome with 2 mutts! One week of me not having to wearing pants, woohoo! I’m happy she went, as I know she was dreadfully homesick and missing her parents. I hope she has a great time. In her absence, look for my ensuing material to be hard hitting and detailed, if not ambiguous and incredibly boring. Maybe i’ll do an edgy 3-part peice on the trials and pitfalls of dryer lint, or perhaps delve deep into the underground secrets of soil cultivation! I know, stellar stuff, both. But I will decide, and you will just have to read it for yourselves, flapjacks!

And with that, I bid thee adieu.