Bosox: Curse Reversed?

Man, last weekend, and going into this week, has shaped into a historical, momentum-shifting rally for the allegedly “Cursed” Boston Red Sox. Down 3 games in the ALCS versus notorious New York rival Wankees, Boston has fought tooth and nail to stay in contention by tying the series 3-3 tonight. This is an unheard of comeback for any team in ALCS history, giving the well deserved Wanks the title of being the first team to ever blow a 3 game lead in the series.

Sunday’s game 4 was a slugfest of epic proportions, with Bill Mueller tying the game at the bottom of the 9th inning by hitting an RBI off of Wank’s closer Mariano Rivera. Both teams held each other scoreless until the 12th, when BoSox’s David Ortiz struck the fatal winning 2 run blow off of Paul Quantrill, bringing the series standings to 3-1. The game lasted just over 5 hours, to earn the record of being the longest ALCS game in history. Until the next evening, that is…

Monday’s game 5 again had Wank’s power starter Mike Mussina pitching, but the determined and under pressure Sox struck exploded right away in the 1st with 2 earned runs. However, “Moose” would shutdown any additional runs in following 5 innings. BoSox’s starter Pedro Martinez answered back in five, allowing only one run, that is, until pitch 100 handed Derek Jeter a bases loaded double, giving the Wanks a 4-2 lead. Enter Wanks pitcher Tom Gordon in the 7th. Ortiz, not being one to make things any easier for the “Evil Empire”, smacked a walkoff homer off of Gordon for the Sox in the 8th, dropping the lead to a single run. This homer seemed to have gotten into Gordon’s head, as he proceded to walk Kevin Millar, then gave up a single to Trot Nixon, putting runners at first and third with no outs. Gordon was then replaced by Mariano Rivera. Rivera popped BoSox’s Jason Varitek into a sac fly for out #1, but in interim scored Dave Roberts, tying the game, and blowing a second consecutive save for the Wanks. It felt like the series energy had been more than drained, and that both clubs were running on nothing but pure heart. The game was tied 4-4 in the 9th, and both teams seemed to be going through pitchers like water. They both stranded runners in following innings, but remained scoreless for 5 MORE!! The Wank’s Estiban Loaisa took over pitching in the 12th, but got broken down after 3 scoreless innings by Johnny Damon, who was walked in the 14th, with one out. After striking out the next batter, Manny Ramirez was next to be awarded a walk, to put runners at first and second. Then, the “Yankee Killer” in this series stepped into the box: David Ortiz. After a hard fought battle, 10 pitches later, Ortiz cracked a single into center field, bringing in Damon to score for a 5-4 Red Sox victory, and setting a NEW record for longest ALCS game, at 5 hours, 49 minutes. I watched the entire game on tv, and even I needed a nap afterwards.

Tonight’s game was equally dominant for the hellbent BoSox. Sox starter Curt Schilling, back from an ankle injury in Game 1, looked like a pitcher on a mission to dominate. Leaving the Wanks scoreless through 6 innings, Schilling’s arm was hot again, and not ready to bow any “curse” theories just yet. In contrast, the Wank’s starting pitcher, Jon Lieber, managed to put up zeroes until a fourth inning debacle, resulting in the start of a 2-out rally by Kevin Millar, with a double to left field. Jason Varitek helped out by driving Millar in on a single, giving the BoSox a 1-0 lead. Orlando Cabrera kept the inning going, by following up with a single, and Mark Bellhorn sealed the deal by smacking a controversial hit, first ruled a double, but then called a run, bringing 3 in, after on-field cameras substancially proved that the ball indeed hit off of a fan’s chest, rather than the outfield wall. Bosox lead 4-0. Schilling remained steadfast, leaving the Wankees scoreless through 6 straight innings. However, the Wank’s wouldn’t be skunked. Bernie Williams hit a home run into right field, bringing the BoSox’s lead to three, making the score 4-1. Cut to the top of inning 8 – controversy strikes again. Bronson Arroyo fills in for Schilling in the 8th, Cairo doubles with one out, and Jeter singles to drive Cairo in, chiseling the BoSox lead to just 2 runs. Then Alex Rodriguez enters the picture, singling the pitch up the first base line. Arroyo fielded the ball, and went to tag A-Rod, but A-Rod intentionally SLAPPED Arroyo’s arm (fucking CHEATER) forcing it from his glove! Due to this bullshit, Jeter was able to round the bases and score, while A-Rod stopped at second. Fortunately, the umpires were keen enough to catch this cheating bastard, and delivered a much deserved obstruction ruling, calling the cheating bastard A-Rod OUT, and making Jeter go back to first. THANKS MLB, for FINALLY making a classy call! Well, the alcoholic a-hole Wankees fans disagreed with pure logic, and decided they would get all rowdy and throw a shitfit on the field in disagreement. Nice, you classless Wankee douchebag fans. No wonder your club is known as the “Evil Empire”. Well, after the NYPD subdued the situation by putting a whole task force of RIOT police in the outfield, Arroyo put the inning, and Gary Sheffield, to rest by popping him up behind home plate for the inning. Suck that, Wankees. Ninth inning ensues. You’ve got Hideki Matsui, who walked to first, possibly bringing in the tying run. But, lo and behold, Williams and Posada strike out, leaving your pathetic hopes to Ruben Sierra, who walks by the skin of his ballsack. Unfortunately, Tony “I’m an overblown Wankee loser” Clark came to bat next, virtually ensuring the Sox a victory. He struck out, AGAIN. Whew. A sincere “thanks” from the Sox fans, you overrated loser, ensues. I’m sure of it.

Good for you, Sox. I hope you can go all the way, and put this “curse” nonsense behind you. Hopefully, after a Wank trounsing series this year, that Visa check-whoring Torre will be shown the door by Steinbrenner for his inept ballclub managing. However, if the Wanks beat you tomorrow, you’ve got to give big props to the Bambino, because the man MUST wield some power in the afterlife to leave you stranded after so many years.

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