Bosox: Curse Reversed? PART DEUX – ONTO THE SERIES!!

I wasn’t sure if i’d even be writing this, but lo and behold, we baseball fans just may have just witnessed a monumental planetary momentum shift that Boston so desperately needs to try and overcome a dismal, yet historical World Series participation record of “just falling short” of WS victory for 86 years now. The “curse”, whether or not some choose to believe one exists, has played somewhat of a role with the more superstitious fans in and around the ballclub. Coupled with such a long history of winless World Series efforts, some fans have further instilled “The Curse of the Bambino”, as being an unstoppable supernatural spectre that will prevent the BoSox from ever reaping Champion status for an eternity. We’ll get a chance this Saturday to see if this is in fact, the case of “the curse”.

The New York Wankees, Boston’s much more successful and wealthier AL rival, have been more than happy to play a big part in reinforcing this superstition to its more unfortunate counterpart. Wank fans have cajoled the BoSox with chants of “1918!” (Re: The year BoSox traded superstar and hall of famer Babe Ruth to the Wanks; Ruth prophesized afterwards that the ‘Sox would NEVER win a WS), and “The Curse Returns” for decades in their stadium. To make matters worse, New York, facing the unlucky BoSox 26 times in ALCS history previously, have been an undefeated force against the Sox. That all changed last evening.

Cut to October 20th, 2004. The Wanks and Sox are tied 3-3 for the ACLS, Boston making the unprecedented comeback from the a 0-3 Wank lead. This makes the 27th time both teams have competed against each other for this much sought league title. In two prior record breaking extra inning games, 5 and 6 were virtual battles, but one thing seemed to remain the same; Boston’s unstoppable efforts battled just a little bit harder to take each win from the Wanks. In the final deciding game, Boston didn’t choose to lay down, earning them an unheard of ALCS championship for 2004. The Wankees, now 26-1 against their east coast rivals for ALCS victories, also set a few records of their own. They can now be known as the the ONLY team to consecutively lose 4 games in the ACLS (after winning the first 3) – at least the third biggest choke job in sports. Good JOB, Wanks! Couldn’t have happened to a better deserving team!

Game 7 was less intense, unlike the previous ‘battles’ of games 4 and 5, and more like a crushing, season-ending blow, to the Wankees, the league’s highest payrolled team, whos talent just didn’t possess the stamina to take any more of the pummelling that the BoSox were dealing out. The sting being intensified as it was in the Wanks own house. It was basically over in the 4th inning, with Boston in a commanding 8-1 lead over the running-on-fumes Wankees. New York had tried to spark a comeback in the 7th, when BoSox’s star pitcher Pedro Martinez, after just one day of rest, gave up two runs, trimming down the Boston lead to 5 runs. But any comeback would not come to fruition, as BoSox bats put up 2 more runs, and pitchers Lowe And Embree stifled any Yanks intention of hitting to end number 7 in 9: a crushing 10-3 victory in front of a stunned silent Wankee crowd of over 56,000. I, for one, as a Wankee-hater, was thrilled to see the shock on their faces, but, then again, I DID predict it would happen. But you already know that, don’t you, flapjack?

Tonight’s NLCS ended ALSO how i’d predicted it a few weeks ago, with the Cardinals edging out the ASStros 5-2 tonight, ensuring their place in ‘the big show’ on Saturday. Hurray! A series I can finally enjoy with absolutely no physical or emotional investment in any way. I have much respect for both teams, and each deserve to be here. The best team, as always, will win, and I will be just as thrilled for either team. The Cardinals seem like the better team defensively, and I would like to see their bullpen take it all the way. However, it would be equally as nice to see Boston’s bats throw it’s “curse” naysayers a curveball by winning the World Series.

Congrats, fellas. Have a beer on me. You deserve it. This should be a great matchup to watch in the final week of baseball for the year. I’ll be chomping at the bit all winter until spring training, and when next years season starts up again, LOOK OUT. Giants: 2005 WS Champs, Baby!! *Sigh* I can keep dreaming, dammit.

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