Blog Day One, and our President Sux!

Day one of the new blog i’ve just created. Woo hoo! Well, the presidential debates happened yesterday, and I must say, i’m a little worried. On the left, we’ve got John “my face is melting” Kerry stating infinitely that hes “got a plan” for everything currently seen as woes to the American Public. On the right, Chimpy McFlightsuit looks like the same drooling, bumbling puppet I didn’t vote for 4 years ago. Hurray.

I’m worried because there’s no credible candidate that speaks to me, the unwashed, under educated, knuckle-dragging, porn-loving, smartass voter, such as myself. If I met either candidate at a party or other social function, i’d just end up wanting to kick their asses. Both were born into elitist, corn-fed, ivy league families (or married into one), which I, for one, cannot relate to. They are both long-winded blowhards, each trying to verbally one-up each other on certain issues, but not really giving any explicit details as to how they will accomplish said feat. Wonderful. Kerry’s bullshit comes across as the most eloquent, at least, in my opinion, and that reason alone is why he gets the nod. I’d vote for soup before I voted our current incompetent jackass prez. into a 2nd term of office.

Lets face it. America’s government is all about business management. And right now, management badly needs a serious re-org. If its not the about the misleading sentiment that got us into a war with IRAQ (Note: Most of the 9/11 bombers were from Saudi Arabia, NOT Iraq) that apparently had nothing to do with the previous American Soil terrorist attacks, or a financial surplus left by the previous prez. that quickly turned into an ever-growing record deficit caused by said war, its about fear-mongering, and attempts to pass “acts” into laws that will “keep our homeland safe, by all means necessary, dammit”, at the small expense of quietly eroding our citizen’s personal freedoms, because Jesus is in charge, and instructs our current prez. to do so. Don’t fuck with the Jesus. I think this is the first presidency i’ve witnessed that the sneering VP is about 300 times more intelligent and coherent than our current man in charge. Scary. Cheney runs things. I’m convinced of this. But what you may not know is that he is half-robot; he feeds on the medicine of the elderly. For that, he must be replaced.

On the homefront, i’m still looking for work. I obtained a steady gig with a startup tech. company in December, but until then, i’ve been actively pursuing employment until that happens. Que Robert Half International ( Link). They set me up with an interview with a startup last Friday. I was to be working directly under the company’s CFO, and she is the one who did the interviewing (note: always be leery when you are twice as qualified as the person doing the interview). I slam dunked the interview, and was given a start date of Wednesday (yesterday). Within hours afterwards, my representative at RHI called to ask if I could start MONDAY instead! I told her sure, and the celebration began. Lo and behold, on Sunday, the interviewer called to tell me that the person I was to replace suddenly had a “visa problem”, and wouldn’t be leaving the position after all. In 48 hours, I had gone from hired to screwed. Spiffy. In essence, I was SOL, and that the company was reneging on their offer. My rep. had nothing to offer but apoligies, but she said she would seize all opportunities to try and get me another interview. I am Jack’s lungs, holding bated breath.

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