I found the links below from something I read, saw or heard, I have always found inspirations crucial to getting me back on track to becoming the best person I can be at whatever I choose to do. Some of these links below may not have an overall purpose meant explicitly to inspire, but I have found it in one place or another by following each of them. I hope they can do the same for you. (10 links)
A directory of wonderful things.
Discover the expert in you.
It’s not news, it’s! – A news aggregate for tech-heads and generally damaged people.

Hyperbole and a half
A stingingly funny and cleverly animated fellow blogger who is a really talented person that suffers from depression.

Tips and downloads for getting things done.
Technology on your time.
The front page of the internets.
Ideas Worth Spreading.

WWdN: In Exile
Wil Wheaton’s blog: Actor (Star Trek: TNG’s Wesley Crusher), excellent writer and overall geek.
Broadcast Yourself