Film Review: The World is Not Enough

By Chris Porter
January 20, 2000

Pierce Brosnan is back once again playing the dashing and eloquent agent 007 James Bond in The World is Not Enough. Although I’ve felt that the previous slew of Bond movies haven’t quite measured up in regards to plot, character development, and dialogue, I was pleasantly surprised with T.W.I.N.E. To me, this movie seemed to conform more to the classic “Bond recipe” then the previous two, with it’s great action scenes, well-played bad guys, and a plot that at least TRIES to keep you guessing (most Bond movies are “quazi-predictable”, relying on a template that has made them successful for years).

Bond fans should appreciate this movie for its strong throwback to the classic latter movies, with a sharp and devilish villain (Robert Carlyle) Renard, who while dying from a bullet lodged in his brain that is slowly consuming his senses, manages to mastermind a plan to nuke the ocean.

The new Bond girls are a wonderful icing on the cake, with sexy Sophia Marceau playing love interest/villainess Electra King, and stunning Denise Richards adding just the right amount of cheese as a bubbly nuclear physicist in a Laura Croft-esque exterior named Christmas Jones. I won’t go into Bond’s Christmas puns, but the action, stunts, and new toys are larger-than-life, as true fans feel they should be.

Realism is, of course, at a minimum (as it is with most Bond movies), but the movie meets is purpose of being very fast-paced and entertaining. I am also pleased with director Michael Apted’s interpretation of the character, bringing out a more vulnerable and believable Bond (via Brosnan) for the 21st century. This is a refreshing contrast to the invulnerable, bulletproof Bond persona of previous movies. I believe Sean Connery is my favorite Bond, but Brosnan’s suave interpretation does a fitting job of continuing the saga. As I stated above, I didn’t feel the previous few movies had the pulse of this one, and I think true Bond-fans (as well as non-Bond-fans) are in for a treat with The World Is Not Enough.

Rating: 3 out 5 stars

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