Album Review: Beastie Boys – Sounds of Science

By Chris Porter
January 20, 2000

Finally, my favorite artists come out with an anthology called Sounds of Science, and its NOT all that!!! Don’t get me wrong though, the 42 tracks on this double-album do include some of the best patented Beastie-style hip-hop on the planet. It includes early punk hits like “Beastie Boys” and “Egg Raid On Mojo”, other “ill” goodies like “Slow and Low” and “Intergalactic”, unreleased rarities and B-sides like “Benny and the Jets” and “Boomin Granny”, as well as the new single, “Alive”. If you’re a fan of the Beastie Boys and don’t want to buy each-and-every Beastie Boys LP/EP (unlike me) to get the more popular hits, then this is the album for you.

 Most of their hits are included, throwing in some previously hard-to-find singles, B-sides, and other new stuff. However, this reviewer did not really consider it an “Anthology” in comparison to something like the Beatles or Doors anthologies.
 Being a huge fan myself, I was hoping for more of the rare stuff, like possibly recording studio outtakes, live tracks, interviews, more unreleased singles, and remixes.
 If you’re a Beastie Boys collector, like me, and are looking for something like that, then perhaps you should skip this anthology and go directly to the Beastie Boys Homepage ( At the website, along with this anthology, they are also offering an unprecedented “Ill Compilation”, which allows you: the websurfer, to compile your OWN album from 150 tracks (which include some really rare stuff), and even name it whatever you want. You win either way, but serious fans and/or collectors should get a lot of enjoyment from this anthology, although you may already have most of of the songs included.

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