Album Review: Sarah McLachlan – Mirrorball

By Chris Porter
January 19, 2000

sarah mclachlan mirrorballSarah McLachlan Mirrorball struts her stuff live as she does best, on her latest release. With an array of A-list hits such as Building a Mystery, Adia, and Hold On, this gem is sure to leave a good taste in the mouths of her devoted fans. The album does a impressive job of capturing the essence of Sarah’s “live experience” to recording with different live twists to hits such as Fear and Ice Cream. Her amazing backing band also sounds as-strong-as-ever. The only probable complaint is that I’d hoped more of her earlier music (such as Vox or Into the Fire) would have been included, making it more of a definitive live album for fans who are new to her music.

But, thats hardly a complaint. According to internet sources, Sarah will be on hiatus for a while after this release to start a family with her husband, drummer and fellow band member, Ash Sood. Since it may be a while until a new studio release, I think Mirrorball should tide us Sarah fans over nicely. Though it focuses mainly on the hits from Fumbling Towards Ecstacy and Surfacing, the content of Mirrorball is a well put together live collaboration that is sure to make any Sarah Mclachlan fan’s collection.

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