Album Review: Santana – Supernatural

By Chris Porter
March 18, 2000

1999 Seemed as good of time as ever for a hit comeback album, and Carlos Santana and his band prove they have the tools to make it happen with their newest release, Santana – Supernatural. Featuring a plethora of guests, including artists such as Eric Clapton and Everlast, who represent diverse trends in blues, rock, r&b, and even hip-hop, “Supernatural” sychronizes this cutting-edge music to the intoxicating trademark Spanish flavor of Santana.

Examples of this mellow, seductive sound can be heard from tracks such as the ever-popular Smooth (featuring Rob Thomas) and Do You Like the Way (featuring Lauren Hill).

This is very much a spiritual, dual-purpose album, which you could either salsa dance to at your neighbor’s party, or relax to by candlelight. Though older fans may take exception the r&b and/or hip-hop additions, there are plenty of “trademark-Santana” sounding tracks on this album as well, with brilliant examples such as Yaleo, Migra, and Corazon Espinado (featuring Mana) to tide them over. I thoroughly enjoyed this album produced by Carlos Santana and Clive Davis (who produced the first Santana release), and I feel Supernatural clearly illustrates that Carlos and his band have lost nothing over the years. If anything, this album should bring Santana a flock of new listeners, as well as instill the belief in long time faithful fans that Santana is, and continue to be pioneers in popular music.

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