Film Review: Next Friday

By Chris Porter
January 15, 2000

Ice Cube moves from his safe haven in South-Central L.A. to the dangerous suburbs in the sequel to his cult hit “Friday”, aptly named “Next Friday”. Cube’s character Craig, learning that Deebo (Tommy “Tiny” Lister) is trying to flee jail to seek revenge on him, is forced to move in with cousin Day-Day (Michael Epps) who resides in the apparently-upscale suburbs of Rancho Cucamunga. Here, Craig encounters all sorts of new problems that he never had to deal with in the ‘hood.

Being a big fan of “Friday”, I enjoyed this sequel immensely. However, be forewarned: this movie is definitely NOT recommended for children, uptight, humorless people, reviewers who expect a complicated plot and story line for every film they see, anti-drug fanatics, and self-described feminists that can’t laugh at any film they see, anti-drug fanatics, and self-described feminists that can’t laugh at themselves. The reason for the above warning? I’ve read a few unfavorable reviews for this film already, by people whom I felt had no place reviewing a movie such as this (you know who you are), or just plain didn’t get it. Does the movie stereotype? Of course it does. Its supposed to. Thats the goof. The subtle talent and brilliance of Cube’s writing allows the audience to laugh at themselves as well as the diverse amount of characters and their obscenely stereotypical behavior (much like the “Cheech and Chong” movies). The plot is uncomplicated (much as the first movie is), the language is harsh, most of the characters are heavy stoners, and some of the comedy may be crude (lots of excrement jokes), but to me, thats what makes this movie the all-around joy-ride it is. Cube eloquently adds a refreshing comic relief to the mostly unfunny realities of an urban, modern-day gangland lifestyle.

Unfortunately, Chris Tucker is not present in this movie, but newcomer Michael Epps, as well the return of Craig’s dad Elroy (Don Curry) and many other funny new characters make this a hilarious, easy-to-watch film. If this movie offends you, perhaps Disney’s “Fantasia” is more your speed.

Rating: 3 out 5 stars

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