Mix Master Mike

By Chris Porter

Also known as the “Serial Wax Killer”, Mix Master Mike is one of the sickest Djs of all time. This local Bay Area favorite got into the hip-hop scene at 14, he experimented in his garage using tape loops, later incorporaing turntables into the mix. His acquired skills have paid off in more ways than one.

Examples? He is a member of the legendary Bay Area scratch troop, The Invisibl Skratch Piklz , he is also the only Dj to win 3 world titles in a 2-year time period, as well as taking the reigns of premier turntablist for one of the worlds phattest hip-hop groups, The Beastie Boys

.I’ve had the pleasure of seeing him live with both the B-Boys & the Piklz, so trust me when I tell you his aptitude on the turntables just could possibly be comparable to something like legendary drummer Niel Peart’s skills in percussion. With his DJ quartet, his skillz on the wheels of steel seem incomparable within the genre of turntablism – the Piklz literally make new music at every live performance, wherenothing is pre-scripted. He can even replicate instruments utilizing his patented “Tweek Skratch”, which is a manipulation of the high pitched scratches using a wah-wah guitar pedal. With the B-Boys, he never misses a beat, and adds new flavor to their patented hip-hop sound.

He has a solo release dubbed “Anti-Theft Device” jam-packed with even more new and unusual break beats, cutting, and scratching in his own wax killer way on tracks such as “Suprize Packidge”. Check it out, and if you get a chance to see him do his thing live, don’t miss it!

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