Fatboy Slim

By Chris Porter

Norman Cook, A.K.A. Pizzaboy, A.K.A. Freakpower, and now known as Fatboy Slim, is to me one of the most influential, versatile Djs around. His talents have existed for 20 years in the industry, and just by listening to his music, you can almost hear the experience.

His start was as a bassist in the mid-80s with british pop band The Housemartins, which had a no.1 pop single called “Caravan of Love”. After their break-up, he formed his own dub-dropping band, Beats International, which hit rocketed to no. 1 on the UK dance charts with the single “Dub Be Good To Me”. Whilst in the band, this man of many names released a plethora of dance singles under the monikers ofMighty Dub Katz and Fried Funk Food just to name a few.

He transformed himself into Fatboy Slim in 1996 with the release of “Better Living Through Chemistry”, an assortment of funky dance beats such as “Goin out of my head”, which blends a 70’s guitar rif, a flute melody, and a soulful chorus with a techno-disco backbeat producing a finely-layered sound that even your mama could dance to.

His popularity and unique sound continues to grow as he gets more and more radio as well as tv and movie play. He acheived worldwide notoriety and a plethra of MTV ‘Best Video’ awards for the Bob Fosse tribute titled “Praise You” off the “You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby” EP. The album is more of that unique Fatboy Slim “Funka-TechDisco” sound that I have grown to love. One track off the album, “The Rockafeller Skank”, blends this sound in a 50’s surf rock flavor, and I swear its technos answer to “Surfin U.S.A.”. With (3) US awards (breakthrough, best direction, and choreography), (1) European award (best dance), and various Billboard and Muzik magazine awards under his belt, Fatboy has nowhere to go but up with his current release “Halfway Between the Gutter and the Stars”, compiling his infectious grooves with the efforts from established veteran artists like Bootsie Collins along with successful newcomers likeMacy Gray. Keep up the good works, Norm. You can see and hear more at his myspace page.

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