Superstar DJ Keoki

By Chris Porter

Though you may have never heard of him, if you ever have a house party that is in need of a quick, high-energy pickup, then a Dj Keoki album or cd on the stereo is my recommendation. This internationally known jet-set Dj “bad boy” from El Salvador has become a forefather of the “rave” movement. His cyber-techno mixes coupled with his fast and hard beats produce such highly technological adrenalin-injected music that compares to no other.

After gaining notoriety from his bootleg tapes in the late 80s, his first single release, “Dizzy Chicken”, made him popular among the underground dance crowd, which was gaining stellar popularity by 1990. His dance remix of the old Speed Racer cartoon theme called “Go Speed Go”, off of his “Deathrace 2000” album was huge in the clubs, and even got him various radio play in the US.But his biggest release to date is ’96s “Caterpillar”, in which the lyrics give the listener a feel for the sense of the high-energy “euphoria” that can be found among the “rave” crowd.

This release seemingly earned Dj Keoki his self-proclaimed ‘superstar’ status by rocketing to #3 on the dance charts, and was used for background in a “Simpsons” cartoon. His ’97 original release from Moonshine Records called “Egotrip”, is what the record company calls his “Dark Side of the Moon” phase, with finely-layered beats that Keoki created from the “under”ground up, resulting in an album that is very different (in the best possible way) from previous releases. My personal favorite is his “Inevitable Alien Nation” release. Its like a steroid-laced disco record on a virtual drug-induced frenzy. That’s about the highest accolade I can give for dance music. You can get all the latest 411 on this techno-guru by visiting his website.

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