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Election Day: UPDATE – 2:01 PM

Well, it’s done. We casted our votes on this surprisingly warm Tuesday afternoon fairly easily, save the 45-minutes waiting in a shadeless line for our turns at the touch screen booths. Before we embarked, I recapped the issues we would be deciding on to Lynda using my sample ballot. I can only hope the personal satisfaction in her choices equal mine being her first election.

The only downside to our short trip, as previously mentioned, was the wait. The waiting in a line was not so particularly unpleasant as to deeming it necessary to make efforts to expand upon it, but the gossip I overheard while doing so was so excruciating, I feel I must. Being a captive audience to very vocal yet ill informed commentary from the latino family ahead of us, 2 family members, being minors not yet of age to participate, decided that we should hear their opinion on current events. Also Kerry supporters, these 2 were voicing their personal woes from oil prices to law enforcement, spinning issues in ridiculous directions, basing said spin upon personal opinions attacking Bush that are truly inconceivable to reality. I disapprove of our current president, but at least I try and practice a measure of objectivity rather than simply spew contempt for someone based upon emotional response. Hey, they’re just kids, and it wouldn’t have affected so much had the parents not been so attentive to their children’s spin, almost to the point of being readily available to having their choices influenced by it. In some ways, it’s depressing to see citizens with the power to vote not feel inclined to become more educated about issues that will affect our lives. I know this intellectual laziness is probably much more frequent throughout the country than I would assume, but seeing it in person on election day was difficult to endure.

On a more positive note, scanning the polling reports, things look pretty good. Kerry is ahead in all exit polls for most states, and the sentiment appears to be taking hold across the country. Being a western state, California still has roughly six more hours until the polls close, and a lot can happen in that amount of time during a major election. I’m going to remain in my optomistic frame of mind that we’ll see a new face in the Oval Office come January.

Election Day is Here!!

9:35 AM: As of 7:00 AM PST, this day is officially upon us, after 4 long years. I’d be lying if I said it hasn’t been difficult enduring a leader like Bush, whom I believe was far below standards for presidential ‘material’ to begin with, but whats past is past. Being optimistic about an administration that repeatedly has made decisions I disagree with, simultaneously draining our Nation’s economy into record debts due mainly in part to pursuing an Iraqi invasion presented in deceptive ways I STILL don’t fully agree with, nor understand, has been a hard pill for me to swallow, but i’m trying my best, nevertheless.

My focus is on the now, today, and doing my civic duty in attempting to instill change in this country by means of voting. This will be the first US election that Lynda has aggressively sought to participate in, out of a sense of frustration and exasperation in an administration she believes, like myself, has failed our nation in many ways. I’m proud of her for displaying such eagerness to voice her opinions via ballot, and will do what I can to objectively inform her on the issues. We will gallop over to the voting booth around 1:00 PM to cast our decisions. I’m fairly optomistic that the Bush era will be finished, and we’ll see if the country agrees. I just hope that this doesn’t turn into another scandalous election fiasco similar to the events in 2000. Heres to hoping it doesn’t get that close.