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My aspiratons for Halloween festivity come to fruition

My Halloween wish to witness a fun, new experience was fulfilled this year on Hollow’s Eve. I was invited to a friend’s Halloween party tonight, and I must say, it was EXACTLY what I was looking for. I got invited a good friend’s brother’s party; he, his wife and friends worked very hard to put on THE galla Halloween shindig at his home in Morgan Hill. I later found that they spent 3 long, hard weekends, working through the night, to set up the event, which was truly a bash to be reckoned with, so the effort was not in vain (great JOB Dan and Rebecca!). I had an idea that me and Lynda would go as South Park’s “Terrence & Philip”, but we were unable to find shirts with satisfactory colors at an affordable price to pull it off. I was bummed, but it couldn’t be helped, unfortunately. Wandering the aisles of my local Target (tar-zhea), I found a suitable backup. I stumbled upon a unique ’sunglass-wearing scary goth freak with a skull for a head’ costume, marked 30% off. Perfection.

The rubberized skull mask came with cheap sunglasses, which I removed, replacing them with perscription shades, close to the size of the glasses originally fastened to it. The black “goth” blouse was the perfect addition to my costume, adding an element of ‘chic’ to an otherwise gruesome-looking rubber mask. Said blouse was adorned with crosses at the sleeves and mid-section, as I assumed “goths” might wear from time to time, if constrained to a budget of $20. The addition of the sunglass-donning rubber skull mask was a touch that just seemed to tie it all together. Lynda went with her standby from last year, a baby costume complete with diaper, bib, and oversized safety pins, to complete a motley contrast of innocence vs. evil.

I tried on my new costume, and when completely disguised, stepped into the living room. You would have thought my dogs were looking into to eyes of the apocalypse. They both went rigid, popped up from their lying positions under our coffee table, and let out a caccophony of yips, barks, and growls in my general direction. They were in a defensive position, and would only get so close to me before making a hasty retreat. Not wanting to startle my mutts any further, I ripped off my mask, instantly quieting them down, albeit leaving them rather confused as to where the ’scary skull man’ had suddenly vanished off to. This was going to be fun.

We arrived a fashionable 45 minutes after the party began. Fortunately, upon entering the property we were greeted by friends, who pointed us to the entrance, a “haunted” maze. Shrouded in black, this maze came complete with spider webs, dummies, made to look like corpses complete with bloody severed limbs, and motion-sensor-controlled electronic gizmos placed in strategic locations guaranteed to startle passers-by. It was great! Lynda, dreadfully opposed to horror movies and generally anything considered ’spooky’, did not share my optomism. So, I played the role of valiant protector, going in first, letting her stand behind me as I tripped the spook devices and let the way through the dark maze leading into the party.

I found out quickly that my costume’s mask was burdensome, so I didn’t keep it on too long. Little did I know my costume would quickly evolve into something else entirely in doing so. The gothic-looking costume blouse I was wearing, coupled with my prescription sunglasses (so I could SEE) got me recognised as “Neo” from The Matrix on more than one occasion. Looking into a dirty prop mirror, I found that I DID sort of resemble this Reeves-played character. Hmm. At least I could eat and drink freely now, without having to lift a mask off of my face every five minutes. If I had to be Neo to do it, so be it. I was having a good time either way

It turned out to be a great time had by all, with beer on tap, incredibly strong everclear jello shots, GREAT food, and fun conversation. I met some cool new people, and hung out with old friends I don’t see often enough. As the bash winded to it’s conclusion, many were quite inebriated (including yours truly), so I know at least one part of tonight’s experience was successful. Thanks again to Dan and Rebecca for putting such elaborate effort into presenting such a memorable get together. Maybe i’ll even try to recruit you in helping me with future party endeavors!

Now, I can face the youngsters tomorrow, masquerading as everything under the sun (err, moon), handing out large handfuls of sugary goodness with a fresh smile on my face, if albeit suffering from mild hangover. Have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN tomorrow, and stay safe. Oh, and my place next year, I promise.


The Apocalypse is Nigh – The Red Sox WIN the World Series!!!

Holy effign SHIT!! For some reason, I just KNEW you would do it (not like I didn’t WILL it, or anything)!! Thus ends an 86-year long series losing streak for Boston, forever shattering all “Curse of the Bambino” beliefs in my lifetime. Wow. And they made it look EASY. It seemed the Cards completely ran out of gas after the NLCS series, and proved it on the field. BoSox swept the series 4-0, not even letting St. Louis have ANY kind of a lead whatsoever throughout the series. Kinda sad and anticlimactic ending, but the contrast of play between both ballclubs was quite evident. Boston, after being down 0-3 in the ALCS, turn on a powerful, momentum-switching switch, and steamroll on to win a consecutive 8 GAMES, easily clinching the series. God DAMN impressive, fellas. Enjoy this victory. You deserve it. You just shook the foundations of baseball, simultaneously making history all in one postseason. My hat is off to the Boston Red Sox – your 2004 World Series Champions!

Halloween Sux! or, why i’m not a good ‘trick or treater’

The end of this month is rapidly approaching, and for the past few years, i’ve been really clueless about it. Perhaps this year, it’s due to October baseball, focusing on the upcoming Presidential Election, or something else equally as distracting, but this was NOT usually par for the course for me, as I used to LOVE this holiday; hey, it’s the only day people dress up like ghouls, ghosts, witches, and generally everything under the sun (or FULL MOON, in this case) in celebration! However regretful it seems, time constraints, and the flow of daily life have really hindered me from putting any sort of concentration into this holiday since about 2001. Sucks, I know. Heck, there used to be a time not too many years ago, when me and my friends were notorious for our yearly Halloween bashes, known as “Love Fests”. Damn, how far we fall (or, how boring we become)…

Sadly, age, time, and priorities have changed all this, and frankly, i’m sorta pissed off about it. Maybe tomorrow, i’ll go costume-hunting (even though i’ve got less than a week to find something decent to wear). Perhaps i’ll seek out and hook up with old friends in ‘The City’, to see what kind of shindig they’re attending this year (S.F. residents are always “hipper” than us South Bay suburbanites), and see if I can crash. Either way, I don’t wanna be stuck at home, AGAIN, handing out candy in between glasses of wine. So, i’ll be on a crusade first thing tomorrow (in between job hunting) to do something DIFFERENT to celebrate Halloween this year. It may be crap, or it may be a grade-A kickass time (hoping for latter), but it will be DIFFERENT, dammit….err, unless I forget, or something….*weeping*

Sorry to wind this up on a ‘downer’ note – this will be a short one tonight, as I haven’t had too much to say in addition to what’s been already said. The BoSox won AGAIN tonight – woohoo! One more, and this whole “Curse” issue is dead with a bullet. GO BOSTON, but remember: now that I’VE put an emotional attachment into your winning the Series purely based upon your team’s incredible show of heart and performance, winning 7 STRAIGHT series games consecutively against dire early odds, do not, I say again, NOT, let me down. Because, if you screw this up and break my heart, consider yourselves banninated from my good graces forever. If the BoSox manage to blow this, you’ll have not one, but TWO “Curses” to trifle with. Bambino’s and MINE. I will curse and ridicule you with vitrol until my last dying breath if you lose this series!! So KICK ASS!! Oh, and on that note….

Good Luck!!


AHnold tells us how to vote

The other day, I got this wonderful “Ballot Proposal Voter Guide” in the mail, sent directly to ME (and every registered voter in Ca.), from our current “Guhvernator-in-charge” Ahnold Schwarzeneggar. Its chock full of flattering pictures and quotes from the “Gov”, instructing the would-be prospective California voters of the state propositions we SHOULD be voting for in this upcoming election. Yummy!

I guess I should be thanking the Republican party, for weeding out all of that pesky “reading” of said propositions for myself, thus recklessly making objective decisions purely based upon “thought”. And we ALL know that if we base our decisions upon this dangerous logic, the terrorists win. Therefore, I give you “Ahnold’s Picks”:

To the left is a heartfelt plea to the unwashed voters of California, by Mr. Man-In-Charge himself, reminding us that our right to vote is important, and that we should not take said right for granted, as many poor dregs around the world are still denied said right, and that we, as Californians, should be generally grateful, goddammit. We are told to not screw up this opportunity by using our own conscience, but to use this guide to tell us what, and what not to vote for. Ain’t politics easy?? As I meandered on into this important piece of partisan literature, I was humbled by the sheer simplicity of the document, laid out in red and blue, very easy to distinguish, except if you’re colorblind.

And of course, if you’re colorblind, you have no business being a deciding factor in our future. Turn in your voter registration card at the nearest polling center IMMEDIATELY, and then report directly to re-education! Gohvernator has it all wrapped up and laid out for us, in a contrasting red and blue format. Blue for “yes, you WILL vote for the pretty blue number – do not think, just do”, Red for “if you vote yes on this, you traitorous hippee, I will eat your first born – don’t fuck with me, i’ll do it!” Ya know, even though our “Guhv” is a FORMER body builder and movie star, I can’t help but think that if I vote incorrectly, “Der Terminator” is going to show up at my doorstep, RPG in hand, looking for fast answers.

This shit is a little scary.

In addition to this “informative guide”, there is an envelope enclosed, allowing us to CONTRIBUTE money to the humble group responsible for this “color-coded goodness”, the Republican Party. Even if you’re a registered Democrat, you should at least send a few bucks to them for their woeful sacrifice of many colored inks, giving us the “knowledge” of what to vote for, don’t you think? After all, Its for our own good, you know. Oh, and make sure it’s stamped before you send it in, though. I suppose with all of the money spent on pretty packaging, there wasn’t enough in the budget for prestamped envelopes….*sigh*

In all seriousness, this kind of political pandering cheeses me off in the worst way. If you’re voting this coming November 2nd, crap like this isn’t going to give you any objective knowledge to help you decide. If you haven’t already received one, get a sample ballot for your state from the local Registrar of Voters. You should be able to easily find one in your local phone book, or through an internet search. The sample ballot contains all of the candidate names, so that you can research each one further, and explains all upcoming propositions in an objective, non-partisan way. Use your head, not propaganda being spewed at you from political affiliations, to make an informed decision. Our state, and our nation’s future depends on us!

(This message NOT endorsed by The California Republican Party. Tee Hee.)

Oh, and P.S.: Another shout out to the BoSox. With tonight’s win, they are up 2-0 in the World Series over the Cards. With Tuesday’s game 3, are they quite possibly on their way to a sweep?? I’m pullin’ for that curse to break wide open, Boston. Keep on steamrolling St. Louis!


Bosox: Curse Reversed? PART DEUX – ONTO THE SERIES!!

I wasn’t sure if i’d even be writing this, but lo and behold, we baseball fans just may have just witnessed a monumental planetary momentum shift that Boston so desperately needs to try and overcome a dismal, yet historical World Series participation record of “just falling short” of WS victory for 86 years now. The “curse”, whether or not some choose to believe one exists, has played somewhat of a role with the more superstitious fans in and around the ballclub. Coupled with such a long history of winless World Series efforts, some fans have further instilled “The Curse of the Bambino”, as being an unstoppable supernatural spectre that will prevent the BoSox from ever reaping Champion status for an eternity. We’ll get a chance this Saturday to see if this is in fact, the case of “the curse”.

The New York Wankees, Boston’s much more successful and wealthier AL rival, have been more than happy to play a big part in reinforcing this superstition to its more unfortunate counterpart. Wank fans have cajoled the BoSox with chants of “1918!” (Re: The year BoSox traded superstar and hall of famer Babe Ruth to the Wanks; Ruth prophesized afterwards that the ‘Sox would NEVER win a WS), and “The Curse Returns” for decades in their stadium. To make matters worse, New York, facing the unlucky BoSox 26 times in ALCS history previously, have been an undefeated force against the Sox. That all changed last evening.

Cut to October 20th, 2004. The Wanks and Sox are tied 3-3 for the ACLS, Boston making the unprecedented comeback from the a 0-3 Wank lead. This makes the 27th time both teams have competed against each other for this much sought league title. In two prior record breaking extra inning games, 5 and 6 were virtual battles, but one thing seemed to remain the same; Boston’s unstoppable efforts battled just a little bit harder to take each win from the Wanks. In the final deciding game, Boston didn’t choose to lay down, earning them an unheard of ALCS championship for 2004. The Wankees, now 26-1 against their east coast rivals for ALCS victories, also set a few records of their own. They can now be known as the the ONLY team to consecutively lose 4 games in the ACLS (after winning the first 3) – at least the third biggest choke job in sports. Good JOB, Wanks! Couldn’t have happened to a better deserving team!

Game 7 was less intense, unlike the previous ‘battles’ of games 4 and 5, and more like a crushing, season-ending blow, to the Wankees, the league’s highest payrolled team, whos talent just didn’t possess the stamina to take any more of the pummelling that the BoSox were dealing out. The sting being intensified as it was in the Wanks own house. It was basically over in the 4th inning, with Boston in a commanding 8-1 lead over the running-on-fumes Wankees. New York had tried to spark a comeback in the 7th, when BoSox’s star pitcher Pedro Martinez, after just one day of rest, gave up two runs, trimming down the Boston lead to 5 runs. But any comeback would not come to fruition, as BoSox bats put up 2 more runs, and pitchers Lowe And Embree stifled any Yanks intention of hitting to end number 7 in 9: a crushing 10-3 victory in front of a stunned silent Wankee crowd of over 56,000. I, for one, as a Wankee-hater, was thrilled to see the shock on their faces, but, then again, I DID predict it would happen. But you already know that, don’t you, flapjack?

Tonight’s NLCS ended ALSO how i’d predicted it a few weeks ago, with the Cardinals edging out the ASStros 5-2 tonight, ensuring their place in ‘the big show’ on Saturday. Hurray! A series I can finally enjoy with absolutely no physical or emotional investment in any way. I have much respect for both teams, and each deserve to be here. The best team, as always, will win, and I will be just as thrilled for either team. The Cardinals seem like the better team defensively, and I would like to see their bullpen take it all the way. However, it would be equally as nice to see Boston’s bats throw it’s “curse” naysayers a curveball by winning the World Series.

Congrats, fellas. Have a beer on me. You deserve it. This should be a great matchup to watch in the final week of baseball for the year. I’ll be chomping at the bit all winter until spring training, and when next years season starts up again, LOOK OUT. Giants: 2005 WS Champs, Baby!! *Sigh* I can keep dreaming, dammit.


Bosox: Curse Reversed?

Man, last weekend, and going into this week, has shaped into a historical, momentum-shifting rally for the allegedly “Cursed” Boston Red Sox. Down 3 games in the ALCS versus notorious New York rival Wankees, Boston has fought tooth and nail to stay in contention by tying the series 3-3 tonight. This is an unheard of comeback for any team in ALCS history, giving the well deserved Wanks the title of being the first team to ever blow a 3 game lead in the series.

Sunday’s game 4 was a slugfest of epic proportions, with Bill Mueller tying the game at the bottom of the 9th inning by hitting an RBI off of Wank’s closer Mariano Rivera. Both teams held each other scoreless until the 12th, when BoSox’s David Ortiz struck the fatal winning 2 run blow off of Paul Quantrill, bringing the series standings to 3-1. The game lasted just over 5 hours, to earn the record of being the longest ALCS game in history. Until the next evening, that is…

Monday’s game 5 again had Wank’s power starter Mike Mussina pitching, but the determined and under pressure Sox struck exploded right away in the 1st with 2 earned runs. However, “Moose” would shutdown any additional runs in following 5 innings. BoSox’s starter Pedro Martinez answered back in five, allowing only one run, that is, until pitch 100 handed Derek Jeter a bases loaded double, giving the Wanks a 4-2 lead. Enter Wanks pitcher Tom Gordon in the 7th. Ortiz, not being one to make things any easier for the “Evil Empire”, smacked a walkoff homer off of Gordon for the Sox in the 8th, dropping the lead to a single run. This homer seemed to have gotten into Gordon’s head, as he proceded to walk Kevin Millar, then gave up a single to Trot Nixon, putting runners at first and third with no outs. Gordon was then replaced by Mariano Rivera. Rivera popped BoSox’s Jason Varitek into a sac fly for out #1, but in interim scored Dave Roberts, tying the game, and blowing a second consecutive save for the Wanks. It felt like the series energy had been more than drained, and that both clubs were running on nothing but pure heart. The game was tied 4-4 in the 9th, and both teams seemed to be going through pitchers like water. They both stranded runners in following innings, but remained scoreless for 5 MORE!! The Wank’s Estiban Loaisa took over pitching in the 12th, but got broken down after 3 scoreless innings by Johnny Damon, who was walked in the 14th, with one out. After striking out the next batter, Manny Ramirez was next to be awarded a walk, to put runners at first and second. Then, the “Yankee Killer” in this series stepped into the box: David Ortiz. After a hard fought battle, 10 pitches later, Ortiz cracked a single into center field, bringing in Damon to score for a 5-4 Red Sox victory, and setting a NEW record for longest ALCS game, at 5 hours, 49 minutes. I watched the entire game on tv, and even I needed a nap afterwards.

Tonight’s game was equally dominant for the hellbent BoSox. Sox starter Curt Schilling, back from an ankle injury in Game 1, looked like a pitcher on a mission to dominate. Leaving the Wanks scoreless through 6 innings, Schilling’s arm was hot again, and not ready to bow any “curse” theories just yet. In contrast, the Wank’s starting pitcher, Jon Lieber, managed to put up zeroes until a fourth inning debacle, resulting in the start of a 2-out rally by Kevin Millar, with a double to left field. Jason Varitek helped out by driving Millar in on a single, giving the BoSox a 1-0 lead. Orlando Cabrera kept the inning going, by following up with a single, and Mark Bellhorn sealed the deal by smacking a controversial hit, first ruled a double, but then called a run, bringing 3 in, after on-field cameras substancially proved that the ball indeed hit off of a fan’s chest, rather than the outfield wall. Bosox lead 4-0. Schilling remained steadfast, leaving the Wankees scoreless through 6 straight innings. However, the Wank’s wouldn’t be skunked. Bernie Williams hit a home run into right field, bringing the BoSox’s lead to three, making the score 4-1. Cut to the top of inning 8 – controversy strikes again. Bronson Arroyo fills in for Schilling in the 8th, Cairo doubles with one out, and Jeter singles to drive Cairo in, chiseling the BoSox lead to just 2 runs. Then Alex Rodriguez enters the picture, singling the pitch up the first base line. Arroyo fielded the ball, and went to tag A-Rod, but A-Rod intentionally SLAPPED Arroyo’s arm (fucking CHEATER) forcing it from his glove! Due to this bullshit, Jeter was able to round the bases and score, while A-Rod stopped at second. Fortunately, the umpires were keen enough to catch this cheating bastard, and delivered a much deserved obstruction ruling, calling the cheating bastard A-Rod OUT, and making Jeter go back to first. THANKS MLB, for FINALLY making a classy call! Well, the alcoholic a-hole Wankees fans disagreed with pure logic, and decided they would get all rowdy and throw a shitfit on the field in disagreement. Nice, you classless Wankee douchebag fans. No wonder your club is known as the “Evil Empire”. Well, after the NYPD subdued the situation by putting a whole task force of RIOT police in the outfield, Arroyo put the inning, and Gary Sheffield, to rest by popping him up behind home plate for the inning. Suck that, Wankees. Ninth inning ensues. You’ve got Hideki Matsui, who walked to first, possibly bringing in the tying run. But, lo and behold, Williams and Posada strike out, leaving your pathetic hopes to Ruben Sierra, who walks by the skin of his ballsack. Unfortunately, Tony “I’m an overblown Wankee loser” Clark came to bat next, virtually ensuring the Sox a victory. He struck out, AGAIN. Whew. A sincere “thanks” from the Sox fans, you overrated loser, ensues. I’m sure of it.

Good for you, Sox. I hope you can go all the way, and put this “curse” nonsense behind you. Hopefully, after a Wank trounsing series this year, that Visa check-whoring Torre will be shown the door by Steinbrenner for his inept ballclub managing. However, if the Wanks beat you tomorrow, you’ve got to give big props to the Bambino, because the man MUST wield some power in the afterlife to leave you stranded after so many years.

Kill Bill & a wet Sunday

Its an easy Sunday. We got up pretty late today due to watching “Kill Bill Vols. 1 & 2″ on our big screen last night while it rained (oh yeah, it rained after I finished washing the car – fuck it, I can’t win).

The film (or I should say, films) are not Tarantino’s best work to me, but it’s kickass nonetheless. See, I took sort of a ’stance on principle’ when these movies came out, vowing to ONLY see them when they hit the DVD market. Don’t get me wrong, Tarantino STILL IS one of my favorite directors (I own all of his movies), but I couldn’t palette that he would release this movie in 2 parts! I mean, come on, Quentin. I could literally smell the marketing prospectus when the trailer for part one came out. You made this 4+ hour movie, but after the success of recent “trilogies” (each movie averages 3 hrs), you probably figured you would try and capitalise on the sequel formula. That way, you budget and make one movie, and have the possibility of raking in twice the profit by releasing it in 2 halves, ergo vols. one & two, instead of editing the film down to say, one 3, 3 1/2 hour flick. Makes smart business sense, but I for one wasn’t contributing to that mess, good director or not.

I saw both parts. Editing all of that down to 3 hrs. wouldn’t be inconceivable. Part one was completely non-stop and action packed, whilst part two dragged on for eternity in parts. Part two had many flashback segments, previously unexplained in part one, taking up to 15 mins. long to materialize! I think most of these sequences could have easily been summed up in two. Taken as one movie, “Kill Bill” might have done as well or better overall than “Pulp Fiction” in terms of industry accolades and critical success. However, while releasing it in two parts may have been a more lucrative opportunity in terms of monetary gain, I think the overall story has suffered in transit.

Of course, this is strictly my opinion, and Mr. Tarantino has every right to consider me a moron who knows jack shit. ‘Tis the beauty of a weblog (so suck it, Quentin! – I keed, I keed…).

Anyway, back to today. We kicked back around the house until the afternoon. Rain threatened, with skies looking gloomy and air smelling of moisture all day today. We decided to take the dogs up to Lighthouse Beach in Santa Cruz anyway. Of course, when we got going, the drops came down. It was showering all the way up into the mountains with thick patches of fog in places. Once we got into the city limits however, the showers lifted to a light drizzle. When we got to the beach, it was all but gone. I think the rain must have scared off most of the usual dog owners, as there were just a small handful of dogs for mine to interact with.

We had a blast, as usual, even though the drizzle was there. Lighthouse is one of the ever decreasing number of off-leash beaches for dogs in the Bay Area. It has strange hours too. In the mornings, the beach is open sunup to 10:00 AM, and evenings: 4:00 PM to sundown. We have been going there shortly after 4:00. Its a great place, with about a half mile of usable beach for the dogs to play in. There are cliffs at either side, so theres no worry of dogs wandering off from your line of sight. If you live in this area, its a must-do for you and your canine companion. For more information on Lighthouse Beach, with maps, go here.

I brought Saya’s favorite toy, his kong, to play fetch with him until he (hopefully) dropped from exhaustion. Hes a to-smart-for-his-own-good Doberman/Jack Russel mix, a hell of a trickster, and LOOOOVES to fetch stuff. That kong is like crack to him. He can play this game endlessly. He relishes that toy. His priorites, if you could create a list for a dog, are: 1. Eat, 2. Kong, 3. Shit, 4. Sleep. Anyway, that kong is now gone, yet another victim to Mother Pacific after only about 10 minutes of full play. May that overly-expensive toy R.I.P. You see, he and I have a routine. He sits, yet so nervously twitching and anticipating the next throw, and I make him wait with the “stay” command. And he will sit there, forever, his canine mind reduced to only me and the rotund, black object I have in my hand. A cruise missle could detonate 3/4 of a mile away with blinding concussion, scattering charring bodies and debris up to a few feet away us, and he would sit there motionless, concentrating, waiting for me to go ahead and throw the damn thing, already. Sometimes, I will wait an excruciating amount of time before I make the next throw, and he’s always ready. Almost too ready. So ready, he tends to jump the gun sometimes. Yes, sometimes I will “fake it”, and just the movement of the kong in my hand is enough to send him sprawling full speed in god-knows-what direction until he finally stops, about 100 yds away from me, before realising I still have his prize in my hand.

Well, to make an already long story shorter, he jumped the gun. I “faked it”, then I really threw it. Unfortunately, he was already on the move before I even had a chance to release the object of my doggie’s desire. I threw one way (towards the surf), and he was gone, bounding down the length of the beach. As I saw the helpless black object float into the tragic pounding of the rising tide, I meagerly tried to point at it, telling my dog, “there it is boy! gogeddit! seeit?”, and he just hopped around me, staring into my eyes like I was a pitiful, two-headed freak, seemingly saying, “What did you do with my precious, LOSER???”. *sigh.*

At least we found an old tennis ball in the sand to sub in. “Fetch” exercises both dogs. Krystal, my gorgeous pit-mix, is more the explorer mutt. She loves to sniff around and bark at the unknown (she loves to bark at things and objects for no reason – I can’t explain), and is not really keen of bringing stuff I throw back. She has such an attachment to the alpha (me), that she’s not comfortable veering any more than say, 100 ft. away from me. Unless, of course, her brother shows her something REALLY cool, then and all of the sudden, i’m alone, looking VERY uncomfortable. Anyway, shes loves her brother, and particularly likes to play with her brother, especially when he’s into his whole “fetch” thing. She waits until he retieves, and then slyly pounces on him when he brings it back. It works out great. They both get exercise, and I get 2 dogs ready to crash out when we get home.

So, we played for about an hour, and then the rain came again. We hightailed it, and went home, ate dinner, and watched “Monster” on the big screen. It stars (my pick for “Hottie Actress”) an unrecognizable Charlize Theron as a serial killer. Its a good flick (won academy award), I recommend it.

Thats it for today. Hola.

ACLS No-Show & Jon Stewart Vid

Well, I was going to watch the ALCS series game 3 tonight against the Red Sox and Wankees, but Mother Nature had ultimate say in the matter. Due to a pretty good smattering of rain, MLB decided the field was unplayable, and game 3 is postponed until tomorrow. I hope the sox can pull off some wins against the “Evil Empire”, and soon. So, I did some cleaning around the house and washed the car instead. I saw this great video today (videos link) of The Daily’s Show’s Jon Stewart verbally skewering the hosts of CNN’s “Crossfire” on their journalistic integrity. Priceless stuff, I tell you. Here’s a segment from the transcript:

BEGALA: Let me get this straight. If the indictment is — if the indictment is — and I have seen you say this — that…


BEGALA: And that CROSSFIRE reduces everything, as I said in the intro, to left, right, black, white.


BEGALA: Well, it’s because, see, we’re a debate show.

STEWART: No, no, no, no, that would be great.

BEGALA: It’s like saying The Weather Channel reduces everything to a storm front.

STEWART: I would love to see a debate show.

BEGALA: We’re 30 minutes in a 24-hour day where we have each side on, as best we can get them, and have them fight it out.

STEWART: No, no, no, no, that would be great. To do a debate would be great. But that’s like saying pro wrestling is a show about athletic competition.


CARLSON: Jon, Jon, Jon, I’m sorry. I think you’re a good comedian. I think your lectures are boring.


CARLSON: Let me ask you a question on the news.

STEWART: Now, this is theater. It’s obvious. How old are you?


CARLSON: Thirty-five.

STEWART: And you wear a bow tie.



CARLSON: Yes, I do. I do.

STEWART: So this is…

CARLSON: I know. I know. I know. You’re a…


STEWART: So this is theater.

CARLSON: Now, let me just…


CARLSON: Now, come on.

STEWART: Now, listen, I’m not suggesting that you’re not a smart guy, because those are not easy to tie.

CARLSON: They’re difficult.


STEWART: But the thing is that this — you’re doing theater, when you should be doing debate, which would be great.

BEGALA: We do, do…


STEWART: It’s not honest. What you do is not honest. What you do is partisan hackery. And I will tell you why I know it.

CARLSON: You had John Kerry on your show and you sniff his throne, and you’re accusing us of partisan hackery?

STEWART: Absolutely.

CARLSON: You’ve got to be kidding me. He comes on and you…


STEWART: You’re on CNN. The show that leads into me is puppets making crank phone calls.


STEWART: What is wrong with you?

Ouch! Complete and utter ownage. I always thought Stewart was one to cut the BS and speak his mind, but I had no idea I would agree with his talking points regarding the media and it’s unsettling trend of journalistic integrity so succinctly. I was literally yelling at my tv, “Go get ‘em Jon!!”. Yes, I was actually yelling, and yes, i’m completely devoid of a life.

Blog Day One, and our President Sux!

Day one of the new blog i’ve just created. Woo hoo! Well, the presidential debates happened yesterday, and I must say, i’m a little worried. On the left, we’ve got John “my face is melting” Kerry stating infinitely that hes “got a plan” for everything currently seen as woes to the American Public. On the right, Chimpy McFlightsuit looks like the same drooling, bumbling puppet I didn’t vote for 4 years ago. Hurray.

I’m worried because there’s no credible candidate that speaks to me, the unwashed, under educated, knuckle-dragging, porn-loving, smartass voter, such as myself. If I met either candidate at a party or other social function, i’d just end up wanting to kick their asses. Both were born into elitist, corn-fed, ivy league families (or married into one), which I, for one, cannot relate to. They are both long-winded blowhards, each trying to verbally one-up each other on certain issues, but not really giving any explicit details as to how they will accomplish said feat. Wonderful. Kerry’s bullshit comes across as the most eloquent, at least, in my opinion, and that reason alone is why he gets the nod. I’d vote for soup before I voted our current incompetent jackass prez. into a 2nd term of office.

Lets face it. America’s government is all about business management. And right now, management badly needs a serious re-org. If its not the about the misleading sentiment that got us into a war with IRAQ (Note: Most of the 9/11 bombers were from Saudi Arabia, NOT Iraq) that apparently had nothing to do with the previous American Soil terrorist attacks, or a financial surplus left by the previous prez. that quickly turned into an ever-growing record deficit caused by said war, its about fear-mongering, and attempts to pass “acts” into laws that will “keep our homeland safe, by all means necessary, dammit”, at the small expense of quietly eroding our citizen’s personal freedoms, because Jesus is in charge, and instructs our current prez. to do so. Don’t fuck with the Jesus. I think this is the first presidency i’ve witnessed that the sneering VP is about 300 times more intelligent and coherent than our current man in charge. Scary. Cheney runs things. I’m convinced of this. But what you may not know is that he is half-robot; he feeds on the medicine of the elderly. For that, he must be replaced.

On the homefront, i’m still looking for work. I obtained a steady gig with a startup tech. company in December, but until then, i’ve been actively pursuing employment until that happens. Que Robert Half International ( Link). They set me up with an interview with a startup last Friday. I was to be working directly under the company’s CFO, and she is the one who did the interviewing (note: always be leery when you are twice as qualified as the person doing the interview). I slam dunked the interview, and was given a start date of Wednesday (yesterday). Within hours afterwards, my representative at RHI called to ask if I could start MONDAY instead! I told her sure, and the celebration began. Lo and behold, on Sunday, the interviewer called to tell me that the person I was to replace suddenly had a “visa problem”, and wouldn’t be leaving the position after all. In 48 hours, I had gone from hired to screwed. Spiffy. In essence, I was SOL, and that the company was reneging on their offer. My rep. had nothing to offer but apoligies, but she said she would seize all opportunities to try and get me another interview. I am Jack’s lungs, holding bated breath.